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    The working group has collected a variety of foreign standards, including ASTM B566-93 Standard Specification for Copper-clad Aluminum Wire, developed by ASTM, JCS340A-1992 Copper-clad Aluminum Wire Standard by Japan Wire Industry Association, BS4990-1973 Copper-clad Aluminum Conductor for Insulated Cables, and Copper-clad Aluminum by COPPERWELD. Based on the technical data of CCA, these standards are studied and digested. According to the principle that China actively adopts international and foreign standards, it is determined that the electronic industry standard of "copper-clad aluminium wire" should be equivalent to the principle of "Standard Specification for zhongyaocai.71ix.combaohuqi.07858.netzaoxingzd.37ix.com.cnlangfang.71ix.cnCopper-clad aluminium zhongyaodou.71ix.comkakou.37ix.com.cnwire" of ASTM B566-93. As we all know, ASTM was founded in 1898. Its task is to study the properties and standardization of industrial materials. The standards for cables and cables formulated by ASTM are advanced, authoritative and instructive in the world. Many enterprises engaged in copper-clad aluminium wire production in our country attach great importance to adopting ASTM standard when formulating enterprise standards, and the users of copper-clad aluminium wire (cable industry) also use ASTM standard to purchase copper-clad aluminium wire. For this reason, the working group of standard formulation considers that it is the common requirement of both suppliers and demanders to adopt ASTM B566-93 Standard Specification for Copper-clad Aluminum Wire to formulate electronic industry standard "Copper-clad Aluminum Wi