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    (1) Most copper-clad aluminium wires are manufactured by internationally advanced cladding welding process. The copper layer is made of high-purity copper with high compactness and good conductivity, which is metallurgically bonded with aluminium core wires and has good compactness. The copper layer distributes evenly along the circumference and longitudinal direction and has good concentricity. The standard stipulates that the thinnest point of copper layer along the circumferential direction should be no less than 3.5% of the conductor radius for 10A and 10H lines, and no less than 5.0% for 15A and 15H lines.
    (2)在质量和直径相同的条件下,铜包铝线与纯铜线的长度比为2.45:1~ 2.68:1,这样就大大降低了电缆生产的成本;
    (2) Under the same quality and diameter, the length ratio of copper clad aluminium wire to pure copper wire is 2.45:1-2.68:1, which greatly reduces the cost of cable production.
    (3) Copper-clad aluminium wire is more plasticity than pure copper wire, and it does not produce insulating oxides like aluminium, so it is easier to process.
    (4)铜包铝线质量轻,便于运输、安装施工。必须指出,由于铜包铝线与纯铜线的力学性能不完全一样,在工程施工时应加以注意,并不断积累使用经验 。

    (4) Copper-clad aluminium wire is light in weight and easy to transport, install and construct. It must be hengshui.71ix.cnhuanlianhulu.07858.netshoudonghulu.07858.netbxgxianwei.37ix.com.cn

    miaomubj.37ix.com.cnkangyongg.37ix.com.cnpointed out that because the mechanical properties of copper clad aluminium wire are not exactly the same as that of pure copper wire, attention should be paid to it in engineering construction and experience should be accumulated continuously.